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Shaka Zulu The King!

There is something very riveting about the name SHAKA ZULU, and the man behind this name. He not only energizes you, but also empowers you and evokes the warrioress or warrior out of you.

Shaka Sigidi kaSenzangakhona, aka Shaka Zulu, was crowned King of the Zulu Kingdom at age 29 and reigned from 1816 to 1828. Prior to becoming King, he was a warrior at a noticeably young age and revolutionized traditional ways of fighting. He is known to have introduced the iklwa, a short-shafted, heavy bladed stabbing spear, as a weapon and by organizing warriors into disciplined entities that fought in close formation behind large cowhide shields. As a result, he became one of the most influential monarchs of the Zulu Kingdom, responsible for re-organizing the Zulu military into a formidable force via a series of wide-reaching and influential reforms. While Shaka had his own share of flaws like anyone else does, he was a force to be reckoned with and there is a lot we can glean from his life to our advantage today.


What can one possibly glean from Shaka Zulu’s life? You might ask!

For starters, Shaka becoming a warrior at such an early age and a formidable one at that, implies that anyone can be anything they want to be in life and shouldn’t be deterred by their age. Did you know, you can start investing on your own from your 18th birthday, with any amount? That once you open an account with entities such as TD Ameritrade, Prosus, Fidelity, Zenith and Tastyworks among many others dependent on your location, you can with time refine your art of trading and investing?

Secondly, Shaka as a military trainee under Chief Dingswayo before becoming King, devised ways to improve the techniques of fighting. He found that taking off his sandals and fighting barefooted helped him maneuver better.

Imagine that!

For investors, some major take home from Shaka’s ways here, include the importance of learning effective trading/investing techniques and acquiring a mastery of these skills, where-upon, possibilities of success that ensue have far reaching effects, like your great grandchildren being beneficiaries. Not forgetting the weapon, Shaka introduced a short stabbing spear, and together with his formulated military army they used these techniques and weapons to fight and obliterate their opponents skillfully and strategically. Similarly, investors are encouraged to select their tools for trading/investing wisely be it a broker or investment company such as Vanguard. Doing so increases the potential of a greater return on investment.

Once Shaka became King, he was further involved in many wars over the course of time where he gained control over many tribes, amassed a lot of land and cattle. As a result, the Zulu people became the largest and most powerful ethnic entity in South Africa. Of note, though Shaka was mostly victorious in these wars, it should not go unnoticed that many lives were lost too. This was as Shaka worked had to expand his territory, and those who survived were mostly incorporated to his state and army. Investors are called upon to have a diversified portfolio, encouraged to invest for the short and long term with the main objective of building and amassing wealth. Nonetheless, investors should keep in mind that in gaining, loss also does occur, which can be gut wrenching for some, and others may even pull their hair off in frustration. According to Abojani Investment, personal finance behooves possessing the right mind set, having the right trading skills, and having the tool set for trading, through-out the investment journey. In turn it will unequivocally mostly provide desired outcomes, (Seems like Shaka, had these three strategies in his personal and ruling portfolio, hence heroic in his own right). An Invigorating thought indeed!

Borrowing a leaf from Shaka

“Plan for your future and start investing”

Shaka was reputed for his driving ambition, his fierce determination, his iron will, ability to make sound judgement and an extremely influential monarch. Hence resulted in him, defining, uniting, and expanding the Zulu Kingdom by reforming the military and social fabric of the community as well as warding off any weak links. Unfortunately, Shaka was assassinated at age 41, while we all hope and plan to live for longer lives, let’s borrow a leaf from Shaka for a better tomorrow. Plan for your future and start investing as early as you can, and your retirement package will hold a lot more promise.

Where to run to from here…

Truth be told there are those of us who are lost when it comes to investing. You maybe bewildered after reading this article wondering where to go from here, investment-wise. Your heart and mind are willing, but you are drawing blanks! Here’s a thought! register into one of the upcoming short courses starting this August with PeteandPeteInvestors. There is an array of courses to choose from depending on your knowledge base.

Shaka will be happy with you too! I do say.

By Cyd Nzyoka, PhD

Cyd is an independent researcher, writer & HR consultant. She’s versatile, passionate about investing, taxes, teaching at the tertiary level, corporate training and dissertation coaching. She’s involved in writing on multicultural education, social justice and careers among other topics. You may read her works under IGI Global Publications. Cyd is a graduate of Capella University - School of business and technology. Email thoughts and comments to


This blog is written for educational and informational purposes only. By no means do any of its contents recommend, advocate or urge the buying, selling or holding of any financial instrument whatsoever. Trading and investing involves high levels of risk. The author expresses personal opinions and will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the actions of the reader. They author may or may or may not have positions in Financial Instruments discussed in this blog. Future results can be dramatically different from the opinions expressed therein. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Reprints allowed for private reading only, for all else, please obtain permission.

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Favored Chica
Favored Chica
Jul 29, 2021

Interesting. The way you tie important points of the story/life of Shaka to key investing points is wonderful.

Cyd Nzyoka
Cyd Nzyoka
Jul 29, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Favored Chica. Tying our lives to history, often enhances our perspectives and helps us do better.

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