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Dorcas S - Nurse

Thank you for helping me with my margin alert after being assigned 100 shares of RBLX which I didn’t have. I saw neg 8600 on my account on the weekend and I almost passed out.  Thank you for your reassurance . I didn’t have to spent a sleepless weekend. I woke up and sure enough my shares had gone up to 89++ I was panicking and unable to sell, but you walked me through until I closed my position. Thank you so much. I’m so glad to be in this community. I don’t know what I would have done.

Rose M - Nurse

Group learning , having a live teacher and joining the  online community on Discord App , provides the synergy required  to get going even after a busy work day.

T. Ciku - Entrepreneur

Excellent instructions from PeteandPeteinvestors on how to trade stocks. Found the program very informative and eye opening.

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Thanks PeteandPete for your guidance throughout my journey in learning how to invest in the stock market. I really appreciate the continued support with my day to day trading and having access to Discord App and 1:1 sessions. In the online community I have met like-minded investors who inspire me to keep learning and do better every day.

Lilian O. - Teacher


PeteandPete Investors is an investment vehicle that is clearly designed to educate and help create wealth among our people right from the confines of your living room from anywhere in the world. The ease at which they lay the most sophisticated trading markets in the world into the hands of those seeking financial independence now and into the future cannot be gainsaid. And for those seeking a comfortable retirement nest egg like me, there is no better place than be part of PeteandPete Investors. They are guaranteed education partners in Stocks, Options and Futures trading. You will be glad you joined the community.

Ralph Kilondu - Businessman & Chair, Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco

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