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The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself... The more you learn, the more you earn. - Warren Buffett

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For me, the Stocks Trading Course opened a new way of thinking and available opportunities on something previously abstract. Pete and other facilitators are very knowledgable and offer many tips and tools during classes that are of immense value to the learners. The time difference not withstanding, the training and membership subscription fee is worth every dollar. I started trading immediately after completing the six courses. For my family and I, this training is a real eye opener on investing in stocks both short and long term. I plan to retire doing this and even learn more on Options and Futures trading.

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What We Do



Investing is stocks is easier than most beginners think, however this journey begins by establishing a budget and drawing a money map. The stock market is designed to go up over time. It has proven to be one of the best ways of growing long term wealth. The average stock market return is about 10% per year. The best thing to do after you've started investing in the stock market is probably the hardest: Being patient.



Lots of books have been written on how to trade and more are being printed as we speak. Trading is probably the hardest thing you'll ever do. Without understanding basic concepts traders find themselves caught in overwhelming emotion of fear and greed. Trading Options and Futures for instance could expose you to greater volatility and riskier moves can easily allow for rapid both gains and losses.



At first glance, stock charts appear to be a chaotic cascade of lines, colors, numbers, acronyms and literally a foreign language. The first time we launch ThinkorSwim desktop platform most participants to our classes gasp, but once we break down into individual parts reading charts become a much more manageable task and lots of fun. Understanding the basics of stock charts can help anyone make investment decisions more confidently.



Information provided by CNBC, Bloomberg TV and other financial networks can border on gibberish for someone not well-versed in the basics of the stock market. Phrases such as Market Cap, PE Ratio, 52 week high and low don't mean much to an average investor however to pick great companies it's imperative to learn how to analyze stock fundamentals.


The presenter (Pete) is eloquent, kind and friendly. He interacts with his students and answers all questions to the extent of sacrificing his extra time even after the class is over.

Mary W.

“This is the first training where I have scored 5’s on all levels. It's truly a session worth attending if you plan to trade/invest in the NYSE and the basics that you learn will apply in any stock market."

Nancy O.

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