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The World in 9 Years

My eye caught the attention of a publication posted in one of the many social media groups I follow that read "The world in 2030: 10 predictions for long-term investor."

According to Capital Group here are the 10 predictions for the next decade: Health care innovation will reach warp speed; A cure for cancer may be around the corner; Cash will be but a distant memory; Semiconductors will be everywhere - and in everything; Wearable technology will blur the lines of reality; Digital entertainment will take center stage; Autonomous vehicles will hit the fast lane; Green machines will rule the road; Renewable energy will power the world and Innovative companies will make the world better.

“Chris Buchbinder believes that you will ride in a robotaxi by 2030.”

Most people don't usually think distant. When I ask new enrolled participants in our classes about how long they will hold a particular stock, rarely do they go over 10 years. We often need to make very fast decisions about what is happening around us, what to pay attention to and which of our goals to pursue. To that effect, 2030 sounds far, but is it really?

Do you think we'll go Green?

In 1987, a barge called the mobro 4000 left New York City in search of a place to dump a cargo of trash because land fills in the area were overflowing. It travelled to North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Mexico, Belize and the Bahamas - a total of 6000 miles - but no one was willing to allow the barge to dump that trash in their backyard. Where to put our trash is a serious problem in many areas. Since then design thinkers and innovators are increasingly finding a solution to this. I'd bet my money on renewable energy as well. The challenge now becomes, which companies will be the winners! Perhaps some of our trade ideas could very well be

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Esther Kamunya
Esther Kamunya
Jul 16, 2021

Gosh, you are such a good writer!!!

Replying to

Blogging that is!. Glad you like the posts.


Mugure Njoroge
Mugure Njoroge
Jul 12, 2021

10 years is really not a long time.

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