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No Entry; No Pasar!

We said our goodbyes and slipped some dollar notes in his hands. At the entry of Grand Sirenis he was asked by security manning the gate who he was. He loudly said 'Victor Ramos.' The exchange rate for the currency this day was 19 Pesos to $1USD. You can trade currency futures on Mexican Peso with the ticker symbol MP1 on Tradestation or /6M on ThinkorSwim. Learn how here!

Victor wasn't very good at speaking English but held the one and half hour conversation along Route 307 quite well. "No lo comprende" meant I had to rephrase the question or re-attempt at explaining my thoughts.

No Pasar!

“It's amazing how many American businesses dominate the world . Victor easily identified them and asked whether he should stop at Starbucks...”

This was his second trip back to Aeropuerto airport. See, he is a driver of Smart Shuttle - a ride service for tourists, travelers, passengers or anyone for that matter seeking a drop off or a pick up. He described his job as good. He could afford to take care of his family. Without saying much, they pretty much survive on tips. . In any case he didn't think he could obtain a visa to travel anywhere and would be denied entry - no pasar!

It's amazing how many American businesses dominate the world . Victor easily identified them and asked whether he should stop at Starbucks, 7-11 (questionable after 70% acquisition by Japanese affiliate) among others. He excitedly referred a trip to Playa Del Carmen 5th Avenue for shopping (a 5-mile long pedestrian-only walkway dedicated to touristic needs). He said an absolute MUST visit. Funny enough he knew it was modelled after 5th Ave in Manhattan, New York City. Along Route 307 is your familiar names: Home Depot, Burger King, Office Depot, BF Goodrich, Subway, Sherwin Williams, Petco, etc.

Route 307

A traffic snarl slowed all motorists, including Victor's Toyota Hiace van from what appeared to be a road collapse on the Playa to Puerto Morelos highway, closing the road in both directions. Some signs read "No Pasar" It wasn't however that bad as some parts of Africa where you could literary be stuck in one place for days.

A good entry allows for high probability of success

“I must say I was unimpressed with Aeropuerto airport ”

At Aeropuerto airport he introduced himself as Victor Ramos, showed his badge, helped grab the bags and soon after hit the road on highway 307. I must say I was unimpressed with Aeropuerto airport - signs of leaky roof, poor communication on filling out of forms, sharks selling you resort timeshares and a guy hanging in one of the rafters welding!

No Entry, No Pasar! signs are taken to be taken seriously. When trading we say a good entry will provide a high probability of success and reward. Learn the signs of entry, exit and stop-loss. If you are not a really long-term investor like Ronald Read at some point you'll want to say goodbyes to your trades. No entry requires due diligence by following trading/investing criteria as taught in our classes.

Goodbye Victor Ramos.


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