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No whisper, No text, No phones!

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

In the movie "The Silence " staying in one place and more importantly 'quiet ' will keep you alive. No whisper, no text, no phones.

Usually in small groups (pre-pandemic), I liked playing social dilemma scenarios in which I'd present a dilemma and ask for a decision. For instance, according to Anatol Rapoport, this was an instruction from an army brochure of the US-Army during World War II:

A grenade falls into a narrow trench with several soldiers in it. All soldiers will die with high probability, if not one soldier launches himself on the grenade and sacrifices his life in order to save the lives of the others. The soldiers have the choice between "dying" and "possibly surviving", with the latter option excluding the option of "voluntary sacrificing" oneself.

Make a decision

“If you were in this trench, what would you do?.”

Going back to the movie "The Silence " - the vesps as they are called have invaded planet earth. They can only hear but can't see, so any sound or noise will attract their attention and their wrath! It turns out that this Montclair New Jersey family knows how to communicate in silence given that their daughter is non-verbal and everyone in the family knows sign language. However they're faced with social dilemmas while fleeing to safe haven. Glen sacrifices himself when he realizes that he's badly injured. The dog goes next when it begins to bark incessantly. Then the grandmother... the circle of life is such that when faced with a social dilemma whoever in a group is deemed vulnerable or "useless" so to speak gets sacrificed.

Apart from the sound effects, the movie is watched largely in silence.

Nikkei plunged 4%

The financial markets provide plenty of panic. Consider the alert notification on CNBC on Sunday June 20th shortly after the Futures markets opened that read "Japan’s Nikkei 225 briefly plunges 4%, leading losses across major markets in Asia" Screaming and yelling amidst the selloff could get you "killed." Staying put or having a hedge would have paid off. Nikkei rebounded 3% on Tuesday June 22nd.

Know how to stay silent. Take a class to navigate away from vesps! Or just join the community!


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