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120 Minutes of soccer

Double overtime in any game is lots of fun to spectators but entirely exhausting to the players.

The USA vs. Mexico Concacaf Nations League match on June 6, 2021 was an instant classic!

“In the 124th minute, a penalty was awarded to Mexico which would have tied the game at 3-3.”

Once in awhile when I have the time, I'll watch any competitive sport. Last Sunday we were presented with one between USA vs. Mexico soccer match. In the 124th minute, Andrés Guardado of Mexico stepped back to take the penalty. To anyone watching from the Mexican side this looked increasingly probable that the match would level and perhaps force a shootout. But Ethan Horvath the US goalkeeper became the unlikely hero. The Highlands Ranch, Col. Native dived to his right to get an arm on Guardado’s low attempt, securing the win and a first title for this young USMNT.

Waiting for a stock to rally can feel like double overtime!

We've had numerous examples of placing trades on stocks; only to watch them go nowhere or sometimes bounce of from high quality demand zones and trudge back into equilibrium. The wait for price to travel back to supply zones can be arduous, excruciating, tiring.. you name it. But for those who are usually patient enough, they secure the trophy so to speak. Consider for instance SAP with an entry at $109.00 on 10/26/20 - the exit wasn't until 4/31/21 at $140.00 or CLOV with an entry at $11.75 on 1/20/21 - the exit wasn't until 6/8/21 at +$17.00.

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Ralph Kilondu
Ralph Kilondu

Great Blog on patience...!


Hit the nail on the head. Patience, patience patience!

PeteandPete Investors
PeteandPete Investors

It takes nerves!

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